Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meditation, A Third Step

Dualism is a bugbear
Of the human mind

A hobgoblin
A chimera

Like the sun rising—
It doesn’t

Like the earth
Standing fixed—
It’s not

The me that’s not
This poor body—
There is none

Dualism is a fiction
Of the human mind


Writer Lin said...

Is the non-me, the other of the duality, a fiction because I can't explain it?

Shall I assume that such would be measurable, even in meTric for Heaven's sake, or be composed of atoms or molecules. Would you profess that such would be 3 dimentional? Or 4? Or 12? What is a "dimension" beyond the concepts of our planet? Aren't those for measureing terms used for forms which were created in the same images as me?

I didn't create that Which Is according to any of our standard forms of being. For That Which Is Most Wise would have no earthly, or indeed unearthly, reason to fit itself to my own limited perceptions.

Blest be ~

Linda Senn

ALEX said...

Dear Lin,
David Darling, EQUATIONS OF ETERNITY, p.74, "there are no 'sheep'..."