Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sestina on a Parable from Heidegger

Care hugged the new human to her
As God said, “Stop. This spirit is mine.”
Earth said, “But she is my verdure.”

Care hugged the new human to her;
God stormed on in thunder.
Earth said, “I am ever her shrine.”

Care hugged the new human to her;
God said, “Stop. This spirit is mine.”

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Writer Lin said...

It has been said that at that point, Earth gazed out into the everythingness and pondered. From long before the noisy Bang, She The Mother had surrounded Herself with a sweet mist of peace, at once boundless and pure.

"Consider, God, you have blessed me with spirit, within and without all that is. Isn't that true?"

"I suppose." He replied warily.

"And in return, I continue to bless you by nurturing all creatures."

"Mmmmm..." was His cautious response.

"And as befits an offspring, this miraculous human has both the Earthly and the Divine flowing through it's dearest newborn body." Earth's entire countenance radiated the sublime joy that comes from a conjoining that exceeds all dreams.

"That it does." God proclaimed.

"Then shall we allow our individual claims to rend this being in twain – or can we, shall we, bless it for all eternity each with our right hand resting upon it's exquisite, pulsing heart? Which would bring us - each and both - more joy?"

Without hesitation, God rested his powerful work-worn hand upon the human heart. As Earth laid Her hand upon His, their fingers wove themselves together, forming an impregnable web of love that would reside in this and all human hearts, forever and always - and so shall it be.