Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ignorance is a Demographic

Young person living
In the terror
Called normal

Called small town
Walls called gender
Walls called race

What else?
What else is there?

Young person dying
In the slough
Called normal

Called small town

Called tradition
Called values
Called normal

Young person
There is a road
A road even there

To knowledge
To art
To love

1 comment:

WriterLin said...

Young person, hear my words. The sun shines as warmly on you as it does the creators of that wretched slough. It’s their despondency, not yours. Traditions? Those too are other made. Inventions to suit their own styles and needs.

Open yourself to creating your own new traditions. Take joy in the acceptance you not only give to yourself, but also in the open and loving new ways into which you invite others. Be your new tradition. I counsel my family that normal is not something for which to strive. Not ordinary, but extraordinary be. With harm toward no one, truly honor yourself. That’s the truth that will bless your path and free your spirit …