Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Pee

My baby doll was made of rubber
That’s how old I am
We got her from Salvation
Army because

We were poor
So my baby doll
Sweet Pee was older than I
And had a hole in her mouth

And a hole in her butt
So she could pee
And purchases
Of bottles were ten cents

So she did pee and
I wondered if that’s all girls did
And I remember small gold pins
And torn sheets for diapers

I didn’t know
Pee could be
Spelled with an “a”
And I wondered why

Dad would name her that
But I wasn’t old enough
To ask why my parents
Old farmers full

Of what woman
And men had to do
Would let me have
A doll so I

Hugged Sweet Pee close
And smelled her cracked
Rubber head that smelled
Like an eraser gone bad

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