Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is just about
The spot you fell

You understand

Just about here
No, you wouldn’t

Remember, that’s
The thing about

Falling like that
You don’t

Remember the
Spot you fell, not

After you fall on
The black ice

The path forgotten
That’s the thing

About falling

1 comment:

WriterLin said...

Perhaps we don’t remember the fall because it’s become irrelevant. It was the personal cataclysm that cracked open the sturdy shell of protection. The kindly blue shell that kept the inner self safe for a time while it matured and ripened. And because we humans love to resist change – praise be to the status quo! – we may just need the help of physics to crack open our resistance. Remember the seminal moment? Better to rejoice at the breach and welcome that which was freed by the blow.

ps ... And congratulations again Rev. Doc. Sir ~