Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meditation, Ineffable for Sale

Religion puts the ineffable
Up for sale

For instructing
For rule and sublet

Here, let me
Get that for you

Religions will say
Masters will say

Here, let me sell you
Your ineffable

1 comment:

Writer Lin said...

Hey now, gather round, boys & girls, ladies & gents ... I'm here to solve your recession problems right here, right now. [And fluff up my bank account at the same time.]

Here's what I'm gonna do ... I'm gonna let you buy your very own, customized. tailor-made Ineffable, from me. I know just what you need to help you get past those big ole boulders in the road of your life!

Most folks tell you, "Seeing is believing." But I'm here to tell you, with your Ineffable, you don't even have to see it! And let me say, this is a fine, premium Thing to believe in, cause it surely does believe in you!

No shipping - no handling, no deposit - no return. Just come on up here and get your Mystically See-Throughable, allergy free Certified Ineffable to ease your way over the nasty stones in your road - come one, come all! First come, first served... and treat yourself [and me] to this virtually guaranteed cure for this pesky-darned, money-guzzlin' recession!!