Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pantoum on Deity as an Answer

What question gets answered
By the proposition “deity,”
Since the proposition includes
Mostly worship of a deity?

By the proposition “deity”
We get mostly “ought” and “must,”
Mostly worship of a deity,
No answers to questions.

We get mostly “ought” and “must”
Since the proposition includes
No answers to questions.
What question gets answered?

1 comment:

WriterLin said...

There is a saying, it may be from the Bible: Be still and know that I am.(Or I am God.

Maybe That Which Is doesn't respond in human fashion to questions. Gosh, maybe h/she doesn't even speak English!

But to sit in a peaceful place in nature and be still - that might just lead toward the path of Knowing. Not knowing answers to questions; but a Knowing beyong such thoughts. A Knowing so pure and sweet, such a blessing of lightness and light, that the questions cease to matter.

Maybe we should move beyong the constant puzzlings: Why? Who? How come? And simply be still.